The High IQ Society with a difference

Joining instructions

The joining process is semi-automated to a “limited member” status. You will either be automatically made a limited member to allow you to complete your profile or you may go on a list for approval for limited status.

The verification process is as follows: 

1)      If you’re not a name “well known” to the founder (Barry Beanland) your name will be searched for on the Mensa International website where ALL Mensa members from all regions are listed. If you cannot be found there you will be asked for your region or Mensa membership number. After your membership is verified you will be upgraded to full member.

2)      If you are a member of the International High IQ Society and a member of another society at or above the 98th %tile (which is a member of the WIN) or your International certificate of membership states on it IQ of 130 SD 15. You may join in the same way as a Mensa member.

3)      If you are not a member of any of the above mentioned societies but can provide evidence of being at or above the 98th %tile with a qualifying score from one of the approved tests listed on the “IQualify page” you will be upgraded to full membership. The quickest and recommended test is the Progressive Matrices & Visual Sequences (PROM-VS) , Martin Lithner

4)      A final way you may be able to join is to email stating your case for joining and listing other High IQ societies you belong to and results of tests taken that qualified you to join the societies you have listed. All applications made this way will be duly considered but cannot guarantee membership in the same way as steps 1, 2 & 3 can.  

Note: Limited members who do not or cannot complete the verification process will be removed no matter how funny they are :(