The High IQ Society with a difference

What tests are available for non Mensans?

 IQ or Intelligence Quotient is an attempt to measure intelligence. This means many things to many people but generally the attribute of intelligence refers to quickness and diversity of mental comprehension (or mental agility). Intelligence is often confused with knowledge, wisdom, memory, or other attributes and in general has a variety of meanings depending on the context in which it is used. The term IQ usually refers to the attempt to measure a person's mental agility.

There are many standard IQ tests in use around the world. On most intelligence tests, average IQ score is 100, but some tests give different numerical values to the level required for entry into High IQ societies, in the same way that the same temperature is expressed by different numerical values on the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

One way of comparing scores from different IQ tests is to convert them to a ranking, or percentile score, which tells you in which band you fit. A percentile score of 99% means that you are in the top 1%, a percentile score of 98% puts you in the top 2% and so on.

A score which puts you in the top two per cent of the population would qualify you for membership of the IQuestion society.

All Mensa members are eligible to join IQuestion. Ex-Mensa members or those who never joined after passing the test will need to send evidence of their test results.

Top 2% of the population equates to:

IQ 130 (s.d. 15, Wechsler scale), or
IQ 132 (s.d. 16, Stanford-Binet scale)

The IQuestion society accepts candidates having performed to this or a higher level on the supervised IQ tests mentioned below.

Cattell Culture Fair III (A+B), Raymond Cattell
Stanford-Binet V and VI, Alfred Binet
Bonnardel BLS4-2T and B53, R. Bonnardel
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-R, -III & -IV), David Wechsler Wechsler-Bellevue Test, David Wechsler
Miller Analogies Test
Intelligenz Struktur Test (IST 2000R / CH / AT)
Berliner Intelligenz Struktur Test (BIS)
Wortschatztest Schmidt / Metzler (WST)

The IQuestion society also accepts candidates having performed to this or higher level on standardized IQ tests where the results are analyzed by psychometricians with experience and knowledge about the latest researches in high IQ testing.

Currently, the acceptable non-supervised IQ tests for admissions are:

Test For Genius, Paul Cooijmans
Cooijmans Intelligence Test – Form 3E, Paul Cooijmans
Visuospatial Pattern Recognition (VISPR) , Martin Lithner
Spatial Pattern Perception & Visual Sequencing (SPP/VS) , Martin Lithner
Visuospatial & Numerical Classification (VINCI) , Martin Lithner
Progressive Matrices & Visual Sequences (PROM-VS) , Martin Lithner
X- Test, Marco Ripà (Raw Score 15)
Kvociento, Bram van Kaathoven
Titan Test (Taken before 1998), Ronald K. Hoeflin
Genius Test 1 & 2, Dr. Max Tiefenbacher 
SLSE Form I & II, Jonathan Wai 
916 Test, Concep-T, or Hyper-T, Laurent Dubois
Raven Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) & Advanced PM (RAPM)
ALPHA-NUM I Jim Lorrimore

Individuals willing to establish full membership are advised to send proof of one or more qualifying scores on any of the accepted tests accompanied by the contact information of the psychologist/psychometrician, who administered the test, to: